a Vireo Group service

Great financial models inspire confident decisions.

Bad ones result in costly mistakes.

Which do you have?

Have us review your models for accuracy, effectiveness, and relevance.  We’ll make sure they become indispensable tools for your organization.

How It Works & What You Get

1. sign up & upload information

Pick a plan that matches your needs, and follow the survey prompts to provide us with as much information as possible including your model file(s).

2. schedule discovery call

Your model reviewer will do a quick review of the information provided and schedule a discovery call for 1 hour.

3. Reviewers Complete Review

Our reviewers will evaluate the model and compile a final report. The review process takes 1 week at a minimum based on the complexity of the model.

4. Review call & Completion

You receive a comprehensive report with recommendations from our team, and we can schedule a final call to go over our findings and take-aways for you to use your model an invaluable tool.

Choose your plan